Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Main Street Antiques

There are several stores you can choose from when shopping in downtown Ellijay, Ga. But a catchy, antique shop you could spend the whole afternoon in is Main Street Antiques.

When you first step foot inside the front door, it is hard to decide whether to begin left or to the right. There is so much to look at. To browse through. To BUY.

The store itself is owned by Ronny Wright, but the treasures are owned by many vendors who have booths displaying their treasures. On any occaision, you can go in and Mr. Ronny himself or many of the vendors are at the front desk waiting with a smile to help any one who comes in.

From antique furniture, antique dishes, serveware, Fine China, glassware, books, toys of olden days, outdoor, indoor, display pieces, collections, instruments, signs, John Deere, Coca~Cola, Pepsi, hand crafted, carved, sewn and quilted..... there is truly something for ANYONE.

I personally am an avid Mason and Ball jar collector. Maybe, hoarder is a better title. This store will be my doom; possibly my fate... ;)

All of the pieces are beautiful. Every. Single. One.

Something that some people forget when lost in this wonderland... There is an UPSTAIRS!

Come on up the stairs! There is a whole other floor of treasures!!

Never be afraid to ask if something is "on sale", or for the "best price". Chances are, your new 'old' piece may be going home with you after all!

Be certain you check out all the details of this amazing store right off the town square in Ellijay. There is so much to behold, and discover in this shop. Most people who wonder in will come out with something they have been searching for so long. Others go in on a mission to come away with what has been on their mind(...ehhh,hmmm... Mason and Ball jars...!!!)

So, come on in and check out this great antique store, or as I hear it called, a treasue chest. Every piece has a story to tell; will you be the lucky one to hear it?