Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wedding Season is Always Beautiful

Weddings are always blessed events. This year, I have been behind the lense to view very beautiful ceremonies and sacred nuptuals. Leaving a wedding makes me want to go home and hug Lander a little tighter. I realize that what the newlyweds I have just photographed are entering into, is what I have been blessed with for almost 6 years! My vows are important to me, of course because of my sweetheart Lander, but first because of my commitment to God to love Lander. He is my "sugar muffin", "loverboy", and I have always been crazy for him since I first met him 7 years ago. His eyes are the lightest blue I had ever seen and his smile the warmest. I was in love at first sight! But we are none of us 100% perfect, and along with his blue eyes and sweet spirit, came a person who still got mad, tired, worked... was human. Just like for him, I am sure,he saw that behind the Marilyn Monroe blond hair, makeup and tan(at that time!) was a woman who worked 70 hours a week at a restaurant, who did wake up with NO makeup on, and was not into waking up at the crack of sun up every day!Nope, not perfect here, either! But I can tell you this, through every bit of what we have gone through...( adjusting to a husband who has his own business that requires him out of town every single week, me getting to know my new stepson, having a son together, moving into our first home in Griffin then moving to Ellijay 3 years later, having another baby boy, Lander's emergency, er life saving, surgery because of his colon rupturing, and all the while trying to instill in 4 boys that shoes are not worn in the house and hands are washed in a bathroom, not kitchen, sink.... to name a few!!) I would not trade it for anything, at all. The Lord has brought Us to it, and through it, for me to be shaped into the woman he wants me to be. The wife and mother he wants me to be. When we got married, we were at the courthouse in South Georgia, and it was just Lander and me. One day, we plan to renew our vows and have a "true" wedding ceremony with our family and friends present. And I can't wait to marry you, Lander, all over again!
On that note, here are some photos from the weddings I have photographed recently! Enjoy!

CONGRATULATIONS Hugh and Katie Fowler!!

Thanks Monica Eaton for the fabulous TV idea!

CONGRATULATIONS to Brandon and Tiffany Long!

And THANK YOU to both couples for inviting me to such a special and magical day in each of your lives! Godbless you all !!
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