Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Family Table Photo Day was Fabulous!

The Family Table was such a good day! I had sooo much fun! I started the day off with the sweet Banks family, who were SO happy and pleasant! Not to mention Eli- he was their adorable 4 month old son! Then the Smiths kept me and my sisters, who were assisting me that day, laughing so hard we were near tears! The ground was just a "little" soggy, lol, and the chairs they were sitting in reminded us of that! The Gearheart family. Could they have been happier?! And Hudson and Carter. Those are some precious boys. The Goodwins!! Just two silly people that put us back on the laughing rollercoaster!! The didnt have children, but were like two teenagers in love(although married 22 years)! To finish off this day, was the Mull Family. They were our largest family(of 9) of the weekend! A sparkling and joyful bunch!! Sunday gave us a throw on the weather. But, in spite of the wind and overcast sky, the photos turned out wonderful! The Rittenberrys I have had the great priveledge of photographing before. Tabby always has her and Frank dressed to a "T"! And the Moores are so tranquil and understanding(despite our misfortune)! Lydia and Titus were angels! My assistants, Chassidy and Michelle on Saturday, were the BEST! And Ashley on Sunday, was too! Thank you 3, again, for helping me SO much that weekend, and before!

This just doesn't come close to saying how special each family was. All I saw were BEAUTIFUL families. People that come home to eachother for years and years, and were so glad to be together still. So peaceful and such AMAZING parents that had children- every one of the children were so respectful and gorgeous. I just want to thank you all again for the blessing YOU all gave me!