Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fall Photo Day!

I am planning a Fall Photo Day for Saturday, October 22, 2011. The location will be in Gilmer County and will be for anyone and everyone! The leaves will be amidst turning those beautiful, rich fall colors, and our set will be nothing less of frameworthy. Location will be announced right before Photo Day. You can choose whether you would like a more simple arrangement, or to use props to accent. I have purchased some amazingly cute props for this day!!

~Session includes 20 minutes of photographer's time, talent, and complete editing of 15-25 high resolution images on a disc with copyrights released to print or share. Private and password protected, online album to view your photos.Total for above package is $93.00 (prepaid no later than 7 days before Photo Day to secure your appointment)

BEST of all, I will design a Christmas card for you to share with family and friends, also included on your disc, FREE! If you refer someone, have them mention your name, and I will give you an 8X10 print of your choice from the day to show my appreciation!


4:20 BOOKED-A. F. drawing winner!




Please contact me at 404-319-3222, or email with any questions or to schedule your appointment!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sports Season!

This is just a short post to say if your child is involved in any recreation league sports, karate, gymnastics, ballet, tap, jazz, etc... and you and/or thier team need a photographer, this is the current offer from Sarah McCall Photography!
~Your child's single photo and team/squad photo on a disc, fully edited and ready to print or share $12.00
~Your child's single photo fully edited and ready to print or share $9.50

If you may have any questions, please call ! 404 319 3222 or email

Thursday, July 21, 2011

a few of the Tea Party Photos..

What a very fun, blessed day :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

SOUTH GA ~ Whimsical Garden Tea Party PHOTO DAY!

This is a Photo Day for South Ga~ I am teaming up with Curtain Climber Creations and Gan Gan's Boutique to bring you the

Whimsical Garden Tea Party PHOTO DAY
*outside* Saturday, July 9th, 2011
By Appointment ONLY, call- 404 319 3222

What a perfect day to have your precious girl(s) photographed! sisters, cousins, best friends, her and her pet, with Mommy or Grandma or both... the photos from this session are sure to be unforgettable. ~30 minute appointment ~20-30 high resolution, fully edited photos^on disc ready to share or print to your heart's desire! ~This day is specially priced. The total price reflects the photographer's time and talent, and the fully edited Disc of Photo Images -$125, prepaid

^For groups with 3 to 5 people being photographed, an additional 15 minute time increment will need to be added at a cost of $50. This will also increase the amount of photos on your disc with an extra 8-15 photos. This will allow the extra time needed to work with a larger group to capture all the details of this adorable setting!

The outdoor location of the set to be revealed close to Photo Day, but will be conveniently located!

Call Sarah, 404 319 3222 for any questions, or to schedule your appointment!

I will be posting photos of a private Tea Party shoot in the next few days. Until then, I will leave these images (NOT taken by Sarah McCall photography!)..Setting will be comparable to:

Appointment Availablity:

3:00pm 3:30pm

4:00pm 4:30pm

5:00pm Cayla Gibson Family pd. 5:30pm Deena Fam

6:00pm Deena Fam

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A new place for the summer..

Several weeks ago, after about the fifth trip down to South Ga only two months into 2011, my husband Lander and I decided we would spend our summer a little differently...

On the way home after that trip, I had been thinking about how much fun our family had been having going to see Nanny El, Aunt Van (Lander's mom and sister) and Ms. Pam (who is the couponing queen!!) and our chosen family "Uncle" Danny, CJ, Alli, and Daniel (I say this because Danny is Lander's best friend and one of his business parteners, but people swear they have to be brothers!) and all the Herrin extended family, and other family and friends and so on and so forth!!
And I tell you this, there is no place like home for me. NONE. I have left, I have been away and came back. Ellijay is my earthly home. But I realized something on that trip home... I want to build an old fashioned style large farmhouse when we build a house. I already collect and savage all things antique. I have a vast collection of my favorite: mason jars. I enjoy all things old fashioned. Sewing clothes. Home-made this. Hand made that... I have an "old soul". I have an "old soul". That's what it is. That is why, when I mentioned my idea to my sweetheart, I knew again, he is my "old soul-mate" :)

That night,I tell Lander I asked his mother about the empty trailer that is on the same property as the house she lives in (that Poppa Tiny built like 40 something years ago), could we do some fixing up on it and stay in it the whole summer, and whenever else we can come down, which I hope and Lander assures me, will be o-f-t-e-n. I want a kitchen with wooden countertops, and no cabinet doors but curtains, and shelves, and a garden full of everything we, and his mom and sister like... and about a million other details we discussed that night... He wanted to "make homemade ice cream with all 3 of my boys like I did when I was a young 'un. With the hand crank maker that wears your arm slap out.." I wanted 2 things: to live simple, and off our land for the summer. Also, I want my boys to really get to know Nanny El and Aunt Van.

So we asked Nanny El, and got the go ahead. And I started packing and gathering. And thrift store searching for this. And that. And this. And some of this .... all on a small budget we set just to see what little we could spend on SO MUCH we got... and WOW at the stuff we had that we took that was in our basement not being used, like it had been there the whole time waiting to be called on a mission..
It was something like this for 2 weeks before we left...
"LANDER! we can take these chairs and use them at that 8 foot long table I am going to build! All 5 are already painted!"
"LANDER!! Mom says I can have the bunkbeds we had when I was a kid and take those too!! I can paint those when we get there! BECAUSE, I have 14,824 cans of leftover paint (really like 10!) that I can use!"
"LANNNDERRRR!!!! Oh my goodness, I had to wake you up to tell you that all 5 trays and 30 POTS with over 350 jiffy pots I spent 10 hours planting seeds that day, are SPROUTING!!!!!"

So, the past few weeks we have had THE BEST time preparing for this. And the WHOLE MONTH of April was spent working in that South Ga trailer that now suits not only my vision, but coincidentally what Nanny El had a page ripped out of Country Living magazine, for her vision for that place long before this came about. Lander and I convoyed out of Ellijay, with his truck, my suv, one closed in travel trailer, and one open trailer ALL fully packed with everything YOU CAN THINK OF. From tools and saws for the renovation, enough clothes for a community, to a steam cleaned thrift store sofa, the Rhino and Myles' little Rhino, to 350 sprouting plants!!!! I must add here that (my mom)Nanny Jo's heart went with us! She reminded us everyday we were gone how much she missed and loves us!

The trailer is done. I do have to say, Lander did NOT partake in any of the renovation process (he works!!) Nothing but 3 Home Depot trips, 1 full week and 3 solid weekends of taking care of Myles and Diesel while I was M.I.A. (I was working in the trailer!) calling us for dinner and steady rounds of complementing and seeing the progress I, along with those who did help me during thier spring breaks, were making. CJ and Alli and lil Sarah, all I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart. CJ, that was "The house that built US" :) Lil Lander and Daniel, thank you guys for all you were able to do, and the demolition of the prior kitchen and bathroom interiors. And thank you Nanny El and Aunt Van for helping with Myles and Diesel. Lander and I finished our very large garden(thank you Randy and Deanne for bringing the tractor to till for it!), and blooms were peeking here and there before we had to leave out for Ellijay for a 3 week "get some stuff done" trip before our full-on summer return to the McCall Plantation... read more

NOW, for all you South Ga readers, because Ms. Pam has encouraged me, I will be taking appointments while I am here! Family, children, couples, seniors, maternity, newborn and babies... I will also have a couple of Photo Session Days! I have already gotten some surreal places picked out and in mind, and of course I cant forget how close to the beach I am here!!!! I CANNOT WAIT!

For all of my back home readers, I will look forward to seeing you all in August!! Please feel free to contact me anytime this summer for booking dates I have when I return! Continue to check the blog for some FRESH and INVIGORATING photography!
4043193222 by phone

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Main Street Antiques

There are several stores you can choose from when shopping in downtown Ellijay, Ga. But a catchy, antique shop you could spend the whole afternoon in is Main Street Antiques.

When you first step foot inside the front door, it is hard to decide whether to begin left or to the right. There is so much to look at. To browse through. To BUY.

The store itself is owned by Ronny Wright, but the treasures are owned by many vendors who have booths displaying their treasures. On any occaision, you can go in and Mr. Ronny himself or many of the vendors are at the front desk waiting with a smile to help any one who comes in.

From antique furniture, antique dishes, serveware, Fine China, glassware, books, toys of olden days, outdoor, indoor, display pieces, collections, instruments, signs, John Deere, Coca~Cola, Pepsi, hand crafted, carved, sewn and quilted..... there is truly something for ANYONE.

I personally am an avid Mason and Ball jar collector. Maybe, hoarder is a better title. This store will be my doom; possibly my fate... ;)

All of the pieces are beautiful. Every. Single. One.

Something that some people forget when lost in this wonderland... There is an UPSTAIRS!

Come on up the stairs! There is a whole other floor of treasures!!

Never be afraid to ask if something is "on sale", or for the "best price". Chances are, your new 'old' piece may be going home with you after all!

Be certain you check out all the details of this amazing store right off the town square in Ellijay. There is so much to behold, and discover in this shop. Most people who wonder in will come out with something they have been searching for so long. Others go in on a mission to come away with what has been on their mind(...ehhh,hmmm... Mason and Ball jars...!!!)

So, come on in and check out this great antique store, or as I hear it called, a treasue chest. Every piece has a story to tell; will you be the lucky one to hear it?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

New You Winner....

Is Candace Hill! Congratulations to you and be looking for information regarding your shoot! Thank you so much to all who entered and be looking for another Giveaway!!

Friday, January 28, 2011


CONSTRUCTION!!!!! Please excuse the mess .... the blog is under construction! BUT please be sure to check back for the new, re-vamped blog, redesigned "Sarah McCall Photography" logo, annndddd.... what better way to celebrate than with discounts on select packages and as always... GIVEAWAYS (SEE WHAT 'S BEING GIVEN AWAY in honor of SMP 1 year Anniversary!!!)! Thank you for your continued love of my photography and we will see you after the facelift ;)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Valentines Shoot~ still on!!

I had a couple of inquiries on Tuesday about the status of the shoot that you have been anticipating for weeks, that is on this Saturday, January 15th. I have been reviewing the weather forecasts,and with help as best as I can decide, the shoot is still on! I already have the props set up, and everything ready at the location since several days ago, so we are all set! If you havent heard from other than to give you directions to the location we will see you Saturday morning ;)
~Thanks~ Sarah

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Valentine's Boudoir preview...

OKAY LADIES! Get ready to have a fabulous shoot! Here is a small preview of bits and pieces of what I have planned for the day.. The location is set (which I will contact each of you with closer to date!), and the props are in place! VERY excited... Hope you all are too!

Thanks Shannon :) You are beautiful, pal!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

"New You" ~First Giveaway of 2011

I am very excited to announce the first giveaway of the new year. In honor of the new year, I thought there would be no better way to celebrate than with a "New You" giveaway. So, here are the details:

To enter, please email me the following info at
-You can nominate yourself or someone else for this giveaway.
-The name of the person you are nominating, and their age, and why you are nominating them.
-Your contact information.

The winner will recieve a mini-makeover!
I will give the winner one 8x10 print of the best photo from their shoot!(with option to buy any other photos or a disc of all the photos from the session if they wish to!)

The drawing for this Giveaway will be February 20, 2011! Thanks to everyone for making 2010 an amazing and blessed year of photography for me, and I look forward to another wonderful year of the same in 2011!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Valentines Boudoir Photo Shoot

I am accepting and booking appointments now until January 10th, 2011,for Valentine's Day Boudoir Photo Shoot on Saturday, January 15, 2011! The indoor location is currently being determined.

Each appointment will INCLUDE:
~Make Up Artist on site to accentuate every beautiful face!( Array of high quality products used such as MAC, Lancome, Clinique...)
~Hair Styled
~45 minute session with photographer
~10-15 high resolution photos, with extensive high detail editing (i.e. additional precise regard to editing of any imperfections, skin smoothing, etc. to make each photo flawless) on a Photo Image Disc you can print or share.
~Private, locked online viewing album.

To keep this day affordable for all clients, the only items you will need to provide is :
your choice(s) of lingerie
oversized (men's) button up shirt
any accessories you might want and a pair of high heels.

Boudoir Session , make up & hair, Photo Image Disc ~$160.00~ (due no later than January 10th to book your session.)

If you want to schedule an appointment or have ANY questions, please contact me: or phone (404)319-3222. Please be watching for photos reflecting what to expect from this day!


10:00am BOOKED

11:45am BOOKED

1:30pm BOOKED

3:15pm BOOKED

5:00pm BOOKED

Due to services being provided, any payments are non-refundable and these sessions cannot be rescheduled. Thank you for understanding!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Photos From Giveaway No. 2

This is a couple of photos of Charlie wearing the overalls I made for him to wear for his photos!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Giveaway No. 3 Winner is...

I had Myles draw the winner from a bowl with all the names of the Fall Photo Session Day clients (yes, we still do it the "old school" way!) The winner for Giveaway No. 3 is Regina Woodard! This was the Giveaway if you had purchased a Fall Photo Session (since I had to cancel the Christmas Photo Day due to my son's football playoff game falling on that day!) When your session is complete and Christmas card is designed, I will order your 25 Christmas cards with envelopes! Congratulations and thank you all! The last Giveaway of this year is to be posted VERY soon! Ladies, be looking out for it ;)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wedding Season is Always Beautiful

Weddings are always blessed events. This year, I have been behind the lense to view very beautiful ceremonies and sacred nuptuals. Leaving a wedding makes me want to go home and hug Lander a little tighter. I realize that what the newlyweds I have just photographed are entering into, is what I have been blessed with for almost 6 years! My vows are important to me, of course because of my sweetheart Lander, but first because of my commitment to God to love Lander. He is my "sugar muffin", "loverboy", and I have always been crazy for him since I first met him 7 years ago. His eyes are the lightest blue I had ever seen and his smile the warmest. I was in love at first sight! But we are none of us 100% perfect, and along with his blue eyes and sweet spirit, came a person who still got mad, tired, worked... was human. Just like for him, I am sure,he saw that behind the Marilyn Monroe blond hair, makeup and tan(at that time!) was a woman who worked 70 hours a week at a restaurant, who did wake up with NO makeup on, and was not into waking up at the crack of sun up every day!Nope, not perfect here, either! But I can tell you this, through every bit of what we have gone through...( adjusting to a husband who has his own business that requires him out of town every single week, me getting to know my new stepson, having a son together, moving into our first home in Griffin then moving to Ellijay 3 years later, having another baby boy, Lander's emergency, er life saving, surgery because of his colon rupturing, and all the while trying to instill in 4 boys that shoes are not worn in the house and hands are washed in a bathroom, not kitchen, sink.... to name a few!!) I would not trade it for anything, at all. The Lord has brought Us to it, and through it, for me to be shaped into the woman he wants me to be. The wife and mother he wants me to be. When we got married, we were at the courthouse in South Georgia, and it was just Lander and me. One day, we plan to renew our vows and have a "true" wedding ceremony with our family and friends present. And I can't wait to marry you, Lander, all over again!
On that note, here are some photos from the weddings I have photographed recently! Enjoy!

CONGRATULATIONS Hugh and Katie Fowler!!

Thanks Monica Eaton for the fabulous TV idea!

CONGRATULATIONS to Brandon and Tiffany Long!

And THANK YOU to both couples for inviting me to such a special and magical day in each of your lives! Godbless you all !!
ALL PHOTOS COPYRIGHT 2010 Sarah McCall Photography. Any violations will be punishable by law.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Day- Only 2 Spots Open! Christmas Day Cancelled

Just an update to those who have asked! There are only 2 available times left for the Fall Photo Day on Saturday, October 30, 2010. If you are interested in a time, please let me know.

Also, the Christmas Photo Day for November 6, 2010 has been cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused! If you are still interested in Christmas Photos, please messege me and I will try to open an afternoon to do a mini-photo day with 2 or 3 sessions.

Thank You all for your support and have a great week :)

PS- Check back here soon for a preview of new photos!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I decided to get an little bit of an early start on this because I what I have envisioned :)

I am hosting a women's only CASTING CALL,



This is going to be an amazingly fun experience. This is open to women ages 21-60, ALL shapes, sizes, heights, ethnicity, and so forth. This will NOT be a nude session, by any means! Tasteful and tactful, to the fullest.

DETAILS for each session~
~ NO charge
~2 1/2 hours for hair, makeup, prep and photographing time
~You provide items needed for wardrobe in session (which you most likely have in your closet!)
~NO need to worry about having a perfect, flawless body. SO, please dont cross yourself off as a candidate for ANY reason- Photos will be respectfully edited :)
~For your time, and my appreciation, a Disc with 10-15 edited images is yours at no charge.
Any unedited photos are deleted, and what I keep is what you will see and have on the Disc.
Please remember that photos will remain property of Sarah McCall Photography. Each of the 2 women selected, and myself will decide what photos may be used in advertisement.
Online albums will be locked and password protected.

with the title as BOUDIOR. and your name and phone number so I can contact you further.

(also include any questions you may have!)


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall and Christmas Photo Session Days (Check out previous post for Giveaway that goes along with this!)

I am going to book for Fall and Christmas Photo Days! I have been working on some more unique settings, and have 2 amazing photo days planned!

Saturday, October 30th- Fall Photo Sessions Day ( Restored red VW Bug in an apple orchard)

Saturday, November 6th- Christmas Photo Sessions Day("Christmas in the Kitchen!!" - making cookies, with all the scratch ingredients out, aprons in some, with the kids helping, etc... and the Kitchen all decorated for Christmas!)

EACH DAY, the appointments are 30 minutes long each. 20-30 photos on a disc, fully edited and ready to print or share. Christmas cards can/will be made for both days sessions. ALL payment due no later than October 15th.
TOTAL $125.00

There will be 5 appointments available for each day. If you are interested please email me at or telephone 404 319 3222.

I cant wait! :)

*If interested in booking an appointment on both days, discount price for BOTH days is $215.00.
*If interested in booking a double session for one Photo Day, discount price for a double session on one of these Photo Days is $215.00

Giveaway No.3 is.... FREE CHRISTMAS CARDS!

If you purchase a FALL or CHRISTMAS Photo Day Session, you will be entered into a drawing for 25 FREE printed Christmas Cards, with envelopes($30.00 value!!) that will be created from scratch using a photo you choose from your session!

Monday, August 9, 2010

seniors photos

Here is a preview of Jill's Senior Session. She is a senior of Class of 2011. She is beautiful, and they have turned out ~fabulous~ If you are a senior, have you scheduled YOUR session yet? See you soon!


Sorry this post is late, but The Winner, for Giveaway No.2 Is.......

Holly Barr!!! Congratulations to you Holly and I cant wait to measure and make the outfit for your lil boy, and take his photos! Please check for the photos from this Giveaway to be posted around the first of November, as Holly and I agree that October will be the best time to do these photos because of the fall foliage! And as always be checking back for the next Giveaway to be posted soon!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


So, here it is! The next Giveaway is focused on your kids! (sorry if this eliminates you from the Giveaway!) In trying to make this fun and unique, I turned to my other hobby/talent of sewing!! So, for those of you with children, AGES 1-8:
ONE child(this can be your son or daughter, niece, nephew, grandbaby, best friend's child..) of the winner will have his photo taken in an outfit I will be SEWING for him/her to wear!
The winner will be chosen on Saturday, July 31, 2010! All you need to do is send me an email
at titled GIVEAWAY No. 2, with your name, address and telephone number. This will be a 20 minute mini-session of 10-20 photos on a disc. Must be age 17 or older to enter! Only one entry per person.

When the winner is announced, I will contact to set a time to meet with them to take the childs measurements. The fabric I will use is NOT like what you see in the pictures below (it will most likely be linen or cotton). This is the style of outfits I will be sewing based on the age of the child to be photographed.
*****I MADE THIS!****** This is what a 1-3 year old girl style dress will be like!! (same as in photo directly below this!)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Fun... with my kids!

I cannot describe how much I love my boys. They are funny, loving, caring, forgiving little angels. I am so blessed to have them, beyond any words. Thank you Lord, for my sweet Myles and Diesel. I dont know what I would do without them!

Sweet Little Girls (Giveaway 1)

Congrats to you again, Laura, for winning the first Giveaway! Your girls were so funny and sweet. Here a few photos from the session!